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You are Juggling the mechanics of keeping a site online. As a web master or an internet marketer, you have to stay on top of numerous technologies, all at the same time: site design, code languages, hosting providers and domain names, as well as the process of keeping your site productive, advertising, search engine optimization, and usability. All that items are very important.

As you are expected to be able to handle all of these issues, it’s important to stay informed, and that is the purpose of this website.

By compiling a number of different articles and etools. Discussing issues important to you as a webmaster or a marketer, we hope to provide a resource that will help traverse the difficulties of operating a site. We provide an introductory section for those who wish to get into the business but aren’t sure to start, as well as information for the skilled web specialist on the all important process of search engine optimization and some tips on how to make your web site, your online business or your e-commerce even better.

So take a look at one section of our website, or read them all, we hope that what you will find within will provide you with a starting point or a few tips you hadn’t seen before. These and other resources can put you on the track to a successful business or a thriving hobby site. By learning and developing your skills you will become better equipped to run your site.

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Frequentia's Chronicle:
SEO Basics for Webmasters with ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Attitude

If you are on a "need to know" basis with Search Engine Optimization, the following article is for you. You might a newcomer or a skilled webmaster, this will illustrates what an overall plan should include.

It becomes more important for companies to have an internal approach and awareness of search engine marketing. And iti is even more important Now! As text link brokers and mass link networking decrease in value and use in social media increases. But, don't get to the conclusion too fast: outsourcing to SEO firms is still a smart option. That said, making the most out of Web 2.0 usually requires some level of cooperation between SEO firm and site owner. You don't need to be an expert to know the basics of good SEO practices, and that added knowledge will be a great advantage whether you're working along side an SEO team, or promoting your own site in your spare time.

Anyway, there have always been ‘do-it-yourselfers’ succeeding really well at web promotion and search engine optimization. In fact, many of the established businesses offering web services today came from humble beginnings, perhaps nothing more than a college student with a laptop, an internet connection, and too much free time. The Web evolves as the result of the innovation and experimentation of individuals. The sharing of knowledge. The DIY (do-it-yourself) attitude.

These four points are a general guideline to follow for SEO:

1. First things first: Choose Your Keywords Wisely

One of the first steps of SEO, this one needs to be done properly the first time or all your future efforts and promotion could end up being wasted. Start by writing down general terms that describe your products, services or web content. Use keyword research services to investigate word and phrase variations. Wordtracker, KeywordDiscovery, and the Google AdWords suggestion tool are good starting points. The goal is to find those niche phrases that your target market uses to find sites just like yours and optimize your site for them. If the phrases do not get enough use by searchers, your profits from ranking for them will be low. At the same time, stay away from general terms that are tougher to rank for (ie. like "art", "computers", "business", etc.) as a great portion of the traffic will be irrelevant and you'll break the bank attaining such competitive phrases.

2. Content is still King! Create Search Engine-Friendly Content

Unique web content is your most valuable asset, and ensuring search engines can read it is crucial. Text embedded in images or Flash cannot be read, so make sure you use important keywords, headings, and hyperlinks in plain text form. Instead of using images as navigation links, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) makes it easy to format those links to look more like 'buttons', thus creating powerful anchor text as well as making it visually appealing. Use heading tags properly and don't try to hide keywords or text by making it the same color as the page background or shrinking it so it can't be seen. Make sure the keywords you wish to rank high for are used frequently in the page copy but within reason.

Now that you've created good content, is it actually being crawled? Copy and paste a page's URL into a search engine to see if it has been indexed. If you've just created the page, it may take a few days to show up. Aside from age, many factors can lead to web pages not being indexed by search engines, such as duplicate content (ie. a printer-friendly version of a page might be indexed and the normal version not, or vice versa); links generated by JavaScript instead of HTML; poor site architecture (ie. using too many sub-directories); lengthy, dynamically generated URLs using special characters; and orphaned pages.

3. Get Partners! Find Other Relevant Websites to Link to Your Site

In theory there are countless ways, some traditional and some quite innovative, to get other web sites to link to yours. In practice, it can be easier said than done. Google defines a link as it pertains to rankings and SEO as a "vote" from one site to another. The more quality votes your site receives, the greater chance you have of rankings well. If a well established site links to yours, that link carries more weight than one would from a mom & pop shop or less reputable page.

If your site has useful content and is doing something unique, you're already ahead of much of the competition. People need a reason to link to your site, as very few will do it out of the goodness of their heart. Trading links can work, but link exchange networks have decreased in value and won't be of much use in competitive fields. Buying links, if you haven't heard, is a big Google no-no. While entire articles could be written on this topic, here are a few popular methods of acquiring incoming links:
- issuing company press releases with a link back to your site
- submitting to reputable business directories such as Yahoo! and
- be active on related blogs by commenting and exchanging ideas
- if you have clients with web sites, ask if they would mind adding your link in a "partners" section
- participate in relevant forums and discussion boards with a link in your signature
- write and submit original articles to web publications in your field with a link in your bio
- get involved in social media and bookmarking

4. Be part of it! Join the Social Media Revolution

The collaboration between Internet users and the development of online communities is at an all-time high. Social bookmarking sites such as, StumbleUpon, Furl, Reddit, and Technorati offer users a way to store their favorite pages and media online, and share it with others. These services also provide a way to promote your own content or create a buzz over a product or service. Creating a Myspace page or Squidoo "lens" is also a way to network and share information. However, if your goal is to generate sales then you must offer something without the promotional hype. The reality of social media is that popularity is based almost entirely on public interest. If your information or media isn't unique or of interest to anyone, you cannot force success using social media communities.

The key to using social media and bookmarking sites to your advantage is to not be shy. Network with other users, bookmark and share useful content, create eye-catching titles for your entries, and tell your friends and co-workers to vote on content you have on these sites.

To conclude, I repeat that Search engine optimization experts and firms are a good outsourcing option in competitive markets. But the DIY attitude can yield great results for web site owners with smaller marketing budgets. If you're in the latter group, hopefully this article helps get you started properly.  

Cool Ways To Attract People 
To Your Web Site

1. Give people a free subscription to your e-zine. Almost everyone is publishing a e-zine nowadays 
so it's important to give something extra with the free subscription. You could offer a free gift or 
advertising when people subscribe. 

2. Provide your visitors with free content. Your content will be more attractive to your visitors if 
it's up-to-date or original. You could also offer people the option to reprint the content in their 
e-zine or web site. 

3. Offer a free online directory. The directory could be full of interesting ebooks, e-zines, web 
sites etc. If people find your directory to be a valuable resource they will visit it over and over. 

4. Give your visitors a free ebook. You could also include your own ad in the ebook and allow 
other people to give it away. If you don't want to take the time to write one, you could ask other 
writers permission to use their articles. 

5. Hold free online classes or seminars. They could be held in your web site's chat room. The 
idea of "live" information will definitely entice people to visit your web site. You will become 
known as an expert on the topic. 

6. Give visitors a free entry into your contest or sweepstakes. The prizes should be something of 
interest or value to your visitors. Most people who enter will continually revisit your web site to 
get the results. 

7. Let visitors download free software. It could be freeware, shareware, demos etc. You could 
even turn part of your site into a free software directory. If you created the software, include 
your ad inside and let other people give it away. 

8. Offer free online services or utilities from your web site. They could be search engine submitting,
copy writing proofreading etc. The service or utility should be helpful to your target audience. 

9. Give free consulting to people who visit your web site. You could offer your knowledge via 
e-mail or by telephone. People will consider this a huge value because consulting fees can be very 

10. Give your visitors a free membership to your online club. People want to belong to something, 
why not your online club. You could also give away a free e-zine for club members only.
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