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Getting Started, Posted by Frequentia, 10/20/2006


Getting started


Getting started as a webmaster requires a few basic steps. First, you must setup a domain and web host. You also have to develop a site design and content for your site. These are surprisingly easy today, with the cost of running a site low and the technology easier to approach than ever. By harnessing these technologies you can build a site that looks good and does everything you need

with relative ease.


By taking the time to learn about running a site you are developing a skill set that will serve you into the future. So don’t stop reading here, keep learning about new and emerging technologies, and if you are diligent, your site could become successful and popular. In this regard, once your site is established you should continue on and read the rest of our book for tips on site design, search engine optimization, and improving your site.


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Domain Name, Posted by SMB, 11/15/2006


How to Choose a Domain Name

What’s in a name, especially a domain name? The domain name is the name that corresponds to the IP address of the server as well as being associated with an internet site. Upon the decision to have a web site you must also come up with a domain name that you can use on your web site so that people can easily find it. The question is, how do you choose the right domain name?


Sometimes the best idea for the domain name is for it to match your web site name. This typically makes it very easy to find businesses on the World Wide  Web. An example of this is AMC Theatres which is

Keywords can also be important to include in the domain name. The keywords

can be identified by the search engines when someone does a search and your web site is then delivered as a match to that person. The keywords in the domain name can also be effective when it comes to Page Ranks on the web site. It is not good though to stuff your domain name with keywords. The problem is that your domain name becomes difficult to remember and you, therefore, will not have much traffic on your web site.


Length is important when it comes to the domain name. Your mantra should be

the shorter the better. That is because it is easier to remember the domain names that are shorter. It takes up less room in the brain. Ideally your domain name will have 14 or less characters. The highest you should ever go with a domain name is 22 characters. How about hyphens? Hyphens are not necessarily bad, however, the problem arises when there is a site with the same domain name as yours but without the hyphens. You could then lose potential customers. The other problem with hyphens is that it is awkward to verbally advertise the site if there are hyphens in it. The domain name extension is an important consideration also. The .com ones are the best choice because those are the ones people typically try first. Other extensions can be just as successful

with proper advertising.


Web Hosting, Posted by SMB, 11/15/2006


How to Choose a Web Host

Choosing the right host for your website is essential to having a good experience as a web master. A good host provides accessible customer support, near constant uptime, a fully featured admin section, and often the ability to install software on your site. Looking at the type of hosting is extremely important, because depending on your website’s needs, you will need different features. You will have to choose between a virtual and dedicated server, but if this is your first website, a virtual server is going to be the only thing in your price range. This will not have a noticeable effect on your experience using the server unless you are doing a high volume of traffic.

So you know you are looking for a virtual server, what else do you need to know?
It helps to have an idea how large your site is going to be, because capacity is a determining factor between hosts. As well, you should look for a server  configuration that will support your site’s growth, which means having enough bandwidth. Thanks to technological increases, the average website is much easier to host than it used to be. But what about other features? Some providers offer special software installs that can be done automatically, an extremely useful option if you do not know much about coding or don’t have a set plan for what will become of your site. As well, many hosts provide email hosting, though you should be able to determine whether or not you need this.

You may found a great Web Hosting Company giving a lot of bonus features with their packages at:

Don’t forget about domain registration, as it is essential to keeping your site online. Many hosting companies offer domain registration, and often include it in the cost, but you should look into their recurring cost if you decide to change hosts. If it is more than a few dollars a year you should move on, as the cost may be enough to keep you locked into your host even if you are unsatisfied with their services. Many hosts over promotional pricing, but remember your site is likely going to last longer than a year, so weigh the actual recurring cost per month before you commit to a server.

Anything that is too high is probably not a good site to sign up with, lest you get used to a feature set and then lose it due to downgrading to a cheaper host.

The last and arguably most important step is to read reviews of the company’s services. If you see downtime problems, glitches, or anything else negative it is time to move on, as there are plenty of hosting providers out there. Read reviews and speak to individuals who use the host you are researching, if everything seems stable, its time to commit to a host.

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Site Design, Posted by Mgmt, 01/14/2007


Webmaster Business

Site Design


Developing a strong graphic design and layout for your site is essential to becoming successful on the web. With a few notable exceptions, sites with old designs rarely become successful, and a modern look can help a lot. The process of developing a site design can become expensive, as the best sites use complicated technologies that require hiring a skilled designer. But before you get to the point where you need such a site design, you can develop a more simple but attractive design for cheap. However you are developing your site, whether you are using templates or hiring designers, the tips that follow can provide important guidelines for keeping your site fresh and attractive.



Site design is arguably as important as content, as an unattractive or difficult to navigate page will put off visitors, who will likely go elsewhere for the materials they want. So take the time to develop an attractive site, otherwise you will face the consequences in low visitation and poor customer satisfaction. Even if the easiest way to improve your site is to use a pre-made template, consider the benefits. You may find that little change does wonders for your user experience.

Web Traffic, Posted by Bill, 06/11/2007


 Increasing Web Traffic with Directories


It is a given that increasing web traffic will increase the profits that come in. It is

also a given that increasing the profits that come in will increase the happiness of all who work for the company. The only question in this scenario is how to increase the web traffic.


The answer to how to increase the web traffic is to use the directories. When you

think of a directory, what do you think of? You think of the telephone directory right?


The telephone directory is very well organized. It has many different categories in which to find the information that you are searching for quickly and easily. Web site directories are very similar when it comes to the organization. Utilizing the directories will not only increase your profit, but this action will also increase your search engine ratings.


Web directories are helpful in several aspects. First, the directories are able to

keep a lot of traffic under control. If a person is looking for something specific  then she or he will open each and every web site that they find that relates to their topic. It is wise to have many different links that take people to your web site. The more links that you have that take people to your web site the higher your ranking is going to be.


The web directories that interest you will depend on your business. Large

business owners are going to want different directories than small business owners, home business owners and work at home moms. The important thing to do is to find the directories that best suit your needs and do your advertising.

Add Your Link - Suggest URL

All The List Directory

In conclusion taking directories seriously can increase your profit just as much as

having the right php software or customer support software can.

Choose wisely and watch your profit skyrocket .

Honest Online Business, Posted by Mktg, 08/16/2007


Online business: first lesson


Think about how important your reputation is to you.  Do you want to be known as an honest business person, a hard working person, a kind person, a successful person?


We certainly want to be known as one or even all of those things.  We want everyone who meets us to think those things about me.  We want people to be able to respect us.


You may think that you don't really care what people on the Internet think of you.  They don't really know you in person, but you should care what they think, if you want to make a successful online business.


For one, people have to trust you if they are going to buy from you, plain and simple.  They are pulling out their wallet and giving you money, trusting that you're going to deliver a very good quality product.


They trust you to deliver great customer service.  They may want to ask you questions and they want to believe that you will answer them.


Your reputation to deliver great quality products is also going to be important to a potential customer.  It gets a lot easier to sell products in a market if you have a good reputation.


You start getting repeat customers and those repeat customers tells their friends and so on.  Once you make a name for yourself, people tend to believe that you will keep putting out great products. 


Another thing that it's going to do is draw people towards you.  What I mean by that is people who are selling products in your market will do business with you.


They will approach you with joint ventures.  They will do a favor for you, maybe if you do one back to them.  It's also a lot easier to approach other people.


It's a lot easier to find joint venture partners.  It's a lot easier to find people to promote your business.  You can do a lot of other things to promote your business.


People may even ask if they can interview you, you can get a lot of publicity that way.  They will end up putting up that interview on their website or put it in a newsletter or send it to their mailing list.


People will start to look up to you.  You can network and make friends, they can do favors for you or give you new ideas and so on.  You can then have plenty of people to help promote your business for you.


In return, you must continue to give them good content, good products or service; they are getting knowledge and some favors from you.

Online Business Group


Finally, like in any other business, on the web, it's important to rely on other peoples, it really speeds up the process and improves your business.

Optimized for Search Engines, Posted by Agile, 09/21/2007


How to Optimize Your Site for Google and Yahoo


As an advised webmaster, it is important to optimize your site for tha major Search Engines. Just as having the right customer support software will increase your customer relations and having the right file manager software will keep your business organized so will optimizing your site for Google or Yahoo increase your revenue.


There are specific things that you can do in order to optimize your site for both Google and Yahoo.


You should purchase a domain name that is just right. You will want your domain name to include the keywords that are the most relevant to your site. Also, remember that you can load your domain name up with keywords as you can now have up to 67 characters as opposed to the 23 limit that there used to be. Next, you need to choose the right title for your title page. Your title page is the page that visitors see at the top of their browsers when they come to your website, therefore it is imperative that your each of the pages on your website have different titles. You should also know the uses of H1 tags and how it can affect pagerank. This is the heading text tag that is in the HTML. Google will give

this tag more importance.

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